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A world without leopards, who would want to live in it? Diana Vreeland

When the owners of the Sujan leopard camp decided to set up this gem in the wilderness in Rajasthan they combined intimacy and privacy with a blend of luxury. The region surrounding the camp is definitely one of the best locations to sight leopards who have lived in harmony with the local tribes and villagers for 150 +years. The rocky terrain, caves and crevices is a leopard’s dream and the odds of seeing this elusive animal in its natural surroundings is almost certain.

A leopard is a large cat closely related to the lion, tiger and jaguar but varies greatly in size and markings. Its skin colour is typically yellowish above and white below. Dark spots are generally arranged in rosettes over much of the body and sans the characteristics of the Jaguar’s central spots, is a very adaptable cat and is found in parts of Africa & Asia.

The last census revealed there were more than 60 leopards and cubs roaming the 100 sq. kms range of the Jawai & Aravalli hills which surround the camp hence this region has emerged as one of the best places in India to sight this beautiful predator. The camp’s drivers are well trained and the trackers and guides posses immense knowledge of the behavioural patterns of these cats hence the safari drives are always exciting and exhilarating. 

The 10 tents which include the family and Royal suites enjoy a stunning location, are exquisite, blend so well with the surrounding topography and bush while being safe and secure.  I have always experienced a memorable bushveld breakaway and have not been disappointed. Apart from safaris there are activities which are arranged on request- cooking classes, short hikes to meet and learn about the rabari community and their daily lives,  opportunities for watching myriad birds that have made the camp their home. For guests looking for an option to refresh there is always a temperature controlled pool, a spa to rejuvenate aching muscles and to get pampered with herbal rubs and massages.   

Dining- While breakfast is served whilst on safari,  lunch is served buffet style with delectable local curries and/or guests could request for soup, salads sandwiches and other light options.  Prior to dinner the bonhomie among guests is enhanced as they discuss stories of leopard sightings amongst other subjects of interest while clinking glasses around a bonfire. 

I have always looked forward to Dinner at this surreal camp which are always so magical and the camp does setup unique dining experiences in the comfort of one’s own tent or in the bush under a brilliant starlit sky.

Getting there:

Sujan’s leopard camp is located 3 hours drive from Udaipur- 160 kms/95 miles and 3.5 hours from Jodhpur -175 kms/104 miles.  If guests are travelling to Udaipur from the camp or vice versa the 15th century Ranakpur Jain temple complex which opens for visitors at 12 noon is a “Must see”.

The camp operates from October to April. The weather is pleasant in October but it does get cold in the morning and evening from November to March, and in April it  remains warm during the day and relatively cool at the crack of dawn and post sunset.

Recommend- 2-3 nights

Signature dishes– Banna Pizza, Sujan Brownie and Jhalori Maans Ra roll


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