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Goa, the splendid! There are not too many states in India that rival Goa for the options on offer and the new kid on the block perched at a height of 100 feet on a remote hill over looking the simmering waters of the Cabo De Rama beach in South Goa is the eco conscious resort, Cabo Serai with near 180 degree views of the Arabian sea.

My wife & I spent three gorgeous days and enjoyed being in the lap of nature whilst the surroundings offered serenity & tranquility. We were taken aback by the topography & the dramatic rocky cliffs that drop into the ocean and nature beckons as one enters this magical resort over a bridge surrounded by tropical vegetation and coconut trees.

The construction was done using wood and native materials such as laterite stones, mud and coconut thatch to create minimum structural impact on the site and the architect ensured there was enough ventilation in the rooms. Another interesting aspect is that local craftsmen provided the colourful large rooms of each cottage with an expansive balcony overlooking the lush greenery and the sea and this spot is great for lounging, watching the sun go down on the horizon with a cuppa of coffee/tea or a glass of wine in one’s hand. The landscapers also ensured that the natural plants and trees were preserved to ensure the least disturbance to the rich bird and wildlife while natural fabrics and eco friendly mattresses have crafted a luxurious ambience.   

I was amazed with the resort’s commitment towards reducing, reusing and recycling waste. Copper dispensers eliminate the use of plastic bottles, the toiletries are organic and in room tea/coffee bar provides guests with a selection of teas/coffees and milk in glass jars, copper bottles hold water for guests enjoying picnics and walks, banana fibre packaging is used for packing food, garbage segregation and composting manage the waste, bed linen is changed every alternate day and recycled water is used for irrigating the gardens.

At Cabo Serai the views are spectacular, the cuisine remarkable and impressive and the choice of wine would satisfy the discerning connoisseur. Most of the vegetables and herbs are grown on the property while grains and seafood are sourced from neighbouring villages. The menu is focused on promoting a sense of well being and the seasonal ingredients are sourced locally to provide guests with innovative and wholesome daily menus while the Vegan and Sattvik options encourages guests to eat healthy and as for local delicacies a Chef is hired from a neighbouring village to prepare authentic Goan cuisine.

This eco friendly retreat uses the principles of Ayurveda for its organic toiletries and ingredients such as hibiscus, aloe vera, lemon grass, kokum, coconut and neem. The LED lighting is used in all the main areas and solar lamps are used for outdoor lighting and the landscaping has only native plants to ensure the natural forest is preserved. Most members  of the team are hired from villages less than 5 kms in radius from the property and the resort has supplied garbage bins to the nearby rural hinterland to promote cleanliness. The stray dogs are sterilised to keep the population under control to enable them to exist in harmony with the wildlife in the area while the near “private” beach is spotless and clean.

Do not miss the walk on the ridge a little above the property as it offers unparalleled panoramic views of the ocean and it was my déjà vu moment. I was told by Trupti, the  friendly GM that soon two wooden spa therapy rooms and solar power will be installed to supply power to the resort and a pool has just been completed.  There is no doubt that Cabo Serai’s location, her association with experts in Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, nutrition, wildlife and marine life makes it a place of complete rejuvenation. Get there before the eagles do!!!

Getting there – The nearest airport is Goa’s Dabolim airport – the distance is 55 kms/32 miles and it could take about 1.45 hrs. Guests wishing to visit Old Goa must factor in a distance of 60 kms/36 miles and 1.50 hrs.

Duration of stay– Ideally I would recommend a stay of 3 nights but 4 nights will allow guests to enjoy the resort, nature, topography and the ambience

Best time to visit– October to March but the monsoon months are also charming. The climate is tropical hence expect it to be humid specially around mid day in the summer months.

Signature dishes

Kokum cabo tale- cocktail

Prawn Rechado

Goan crab curry

Home made seafood sausages

Moongayachi gathi- Goan dish of green mung

Homemade black jaggery ice cream



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